2018 Ford Medium Duty Productivity


With their 36 standard clean CA frames, work-ready F-650/F-750 trucks enhance your bottom line from the outset by helping upfitters get your vehicle body completed and on the job as quickly as possible. From there our medium-duty trucks are designed to help maximize productivity, offering features such as available Live-Drive Power Takeoff Provision with stationary and mobile modes for both gas and diesel powerplants. There are smart features as well, like Ford Telematics Powered by Telogis® that helps fleet managers keep track of their vehicles on the job in real time. Ford Medium Duty trucks. Built to work hard. Designed to make your job easy.
Available Live-Drive Power Takeoff Provision with live-drive and stationery modes


The Ford TorqShift® HD 6-speed automatic with available Live-Drive Power Takeoff (PTO) Provision* lets you power an aftermarket snowplow, aerial lift, hydraulic hoist, pump or other accessory. It includes stationary and mobile modes for both diesel (300 lb.-ft. of stationary torque and 200 lb.-ft. mobile torque) and gas (250 lb.-ft. of stationary torque and 125 lb.-ft. mobile torque) engines. An output gear connects directly to the engine crankshaft to power the PTO anytime the engine is running, whether the truck is moving or stopped. “Split-shaft” capability (diesel only) generates greater power by providing a more direct output shaft to the transmission. Multiple accessories can be operated at the same time when the truck is stopped.
*Requires aftermarket power takeoff (PTO) accessory.
Designed for clean, easy upfitting


F-650/F-750 trucks feature a work-ready frame developed with leading upfitters to accommodate vocational bodies requiring few or no modifications. This collaboration resulted in components such as fuel tanks, wiring harnesses and diesel exhaust fluid reservoirs located under the cab instead of behind it on the frame. Choose from 36 standard clean CA offerings (13 Regular Cab, 12 SuperCab, 11 Crew Cab combinations) ranging from 72 to 207 inches. Ford F-650/F-750 chassis have a standard 34-inch frame width for easy upfitting with any combination.
Manual diesel engine regeneration available when it’s required


When soot builds up in the diesel particulate filter (DPF), the engine automatically heats up to clear the filter of soot through a process called regeneration. The Power Stroke® diesel offers available Active Regen Control that delays this auto regeneration if the truck is idling over combustible materials like dry grass. Some operating conditions, such as extended idling, don’t generate enough engine heat to automatically clear the DPF. That’s where the standard Manual Regen Initiation feature comes in. A light on the instrument panel alerts to the need for regeneration, and pushing a button raises the exhaust temperature to burn off the soot in the DPF.
Keep track of your fleet in real time


Ford Telematics powered by Telogis is designed for Ford commercial vehicles, providing complete visibility of vehicle operations while promoting confident driving, and helping to improve productivity and operational savings. Ford Telematics collects real-time vehicle data and uses a secure web-based application to present your fleet data visually. Easy dashboards, reports and real-time alerts promote smarter fleet management. Ford Telematics provides maintenance reminders based on the actual condition of the vehicle to lower maintenance costs, reduce downtime and assist in keeping vehicles within recommended service intervals.


Learn more at telogis.com/ford.

Ford Telematics is a Ford Licensed Accessory.
Intelligent diesel engine maintenance alerts


The Intelligent Oil-Life Monitor on the 6.7L Power Stroke® Turbo Diesel helps make engine maintenance easy. It tracks oil temperature, filter regeneration cycles, engine idle hours and mileage, then alerts you when it’s time to change the oil based on actual vehicle usage.
Service done in-house


Service can be done under one roof at a Ford Dealer, reducing downtime. Our Medium Duty Service Network has grown over 300% since 2014.

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